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The Original Smart Broom with Built-In Vacuum

Cut the Cord and eliminate dust pans!

Available Soon!

2-in-1 Cleaning Tool with Built-in Vacuum


Simply sweep dust, dirt, and debris into a line or pile on the floor,


Tilt and press the suction nozzle against the floor to activate the vacuum,


Aim VaBroom’s back over the trash and press the release button to empty the debris. Easy.

VaBroom’s smart nozzle turns the 20,000 RPM vacuum suction ON and OFF

TILT and PRESS the pressure activated nozzle against the floor to start the suction. Then just lift up and the suction stops!

A brand new broom-vacuum hybrid renders dust pans unnecessary.


VaBroom is a smart broom that is convenience-focused and performance driven. —TRENDHUNTER

If you have any hard floors, VaBroom may be a great alternative to having a full-sized vacuum on hand.

—Digital Trends

There are products so useful it boggles the mind how it hasn’t been invented until now. I’m talking about VaBroom.


Powerful Design

VaBroom is the ultimate floor cleaning tool. Engineered to make cleaning faster, and life easier.

Completely Cordless

A long lasting, rechargeable lithium battery makes VaBroom easy to use—easy to manuever.

It Really Sucks!

The high RPM motor and specially designed nozzle creates POWERFUL suction for ease of use. 


All that power—only 39 ounces!

VaBroom is Coming Soon!