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Amazing!! five stars
-Dave16 ✔ Verified Purchase
Absolutely love my VaBroom and use it everyday! The dogs track a ton of dirt into the kitchen, but just the simple act of sweeping everyday keeps it clean without lugging out my vacuum. Just ordered two more for housewarming gifts!

VaBroom - it's awesome five stars
-Barb ✔ Verified Purchase
This broom/Vac has been a life saver... very easy to use and helpful on reducing back pain. It’s a God sent... I love it. I am very selective when making purchases.. but this one I’m really glad I did.

Wonderful invention! five stars
-Clara ✔ Verified Purchase
It’s a wonderful invention especially for those quick clean ups! This momma loved it so much I purchased another for my parents. They love it too!

Say goodbye to pet hair five stars
-Dinahs Mom ✔ Verified Purchase
As a cat mom I constantly deal with litter and cat hair. Vabroom keeps me off my hands and knees trying to sweep everything into a dust pan. Such a life saver!

Use It Every Day! five stars
-McMahon09 ✔ Verified Purchase
Vabroom replaced my regular broom. I have three kids and we’re constantly sweeping the floors. The vacuum and broom together makes everything so much easier. Loving this and would recommend to my family and friends!

Buy it and your life will change! five stars
-Anonymous ✔ Verified Purchase
This broom is everything advertised and more. Exceptional suction to get even the smallest debris. Stays charged for a reasonable amount of time. Honestly this broom has made my life easier.

A Lifesaver five stars
-Dianne ✔ Verified Purchase
I was very skeptical at first and the product has a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to the Vacuum part but once you get the hang of it WOW..... Makes cleaning alot simpler and saves your back when it comes to bending down and using the dust pan. I would highly recommend.

-Kimberley B. ✔ Verified Purchase
I bought a VABroom because it’s difficult for me to bend down and sweep up debris into a dustpan. It has not disappointed! I’ve had it for several months and haven’t even had to charge it again, yet. I love it!

Excellent product five stars
-Keith C ✔ Verified Purchase
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband. So far we have to rate it positive. Powerful enough to pick up dirt from shoes, stray cat litter, and regular floor sweeping. Easy to carry around.

Vbroom five stars
-Shirley holloway ✔ Verified Purchase
My dust pan is gone. It’s easy to use. Recommend this to every household.

BEST GIFT EVER!!! five stars
-Robby V ✔ Verified Purchase
I gifted this to my sister for Christmas and I was the hero of the holidays! With two little kids at home, and constant messes to clean up, she was ecstatic with the gift. After a couple of weeks of usage she can’t say enough good phrase. Thank you for the great product!!!

You NEED this!!! five stars
-Jessica ✔ Verified Purchase
I can’t say enough good things about this. I bought this 5 months ago and I use it daily. I have three cats in a small townhome and a 5 year old. And, I still haven’t charged it!!!

buying a second one for second floor five stars
-Gregory Valentine ✔ Verified Purchase
I’ve been converting my carpeted areas to hardwood and have started on the second floor now. I have 3 dogs that track in all the time. I bought one of these for the first floor and it has become a indispensable . So much so that I am ordering another one.

Genius Invention! five stars
-Denise Powell ✔ Verified Purchase
Where has this product been all my life?! It came easy to assemble and is lightweight to use. The suction power is just right for those pesky small particles, particularly those that can’t be picked up when using a standard broom and dustpan. My floors are now so much cleaner, without the back-breaking need to bend down. Highly recommended!

Perfect broom for kitty litter spills five stars
-Rmendoza317 ✔ Verified Purchase
I love the ease of this broom. I bought it for my vinyl flooring and especially for the cat rooms kitty litter scatters. The suction is great, its not that of a big name brand vacuum but it is definitely not weak. It easily picks up litter, hair, dust and any particles it goes across. The button is fairly easy to press too. Its designed to have the broom sweep all the dirt in one line then the vacuum suction go over that line to clean up. The dustpan is also great at easily dumping over the trashcan. I highly recommend it.

Easy to Use and great Customer Service five stars
-Rhojo ✔ Verified Purchase
I have purchased two of these. I find them super convenient and easy to use. I have Laminate and Tile and love this broom to help me clean up lots of pet hair. I have contacted Custoer service and they have been amazing and helpful. Very quick to respond. I definitely recommend this VaBroom!!

Great product - big help post-surgery five stars
-Krista R ✔ Verified Purchase
I was one of the original backers of this product (Kickstarter), and one of the first receive it. And let me tell you - I’m so glad I got it when I did! I recently had a rotator cuff surgery, and even simple tasks like sweeping have become a challenge. My Vabroom has been so helpful. I highly recommend it for people recovering from surgery or with mobility issues.

Game changer five stars
-Lori ✔ Verified Purchase
I have 3 kids and a dog. This makes cleaning up after them super easy. It gets all the dog hair up in my pile.

Goodby to dustpan & broom... five stars
-F.C. Louderback ✔ Verified Purchase
It seemed a little heavy at first. After a few days of use, I prefer it to any dustpan and broom I ever used.A damn good idea!

It works so good five stars
-Jumbo ✔ Verified Purchase
I bought this for my daughter she has a house cleaning service so many of her clients are working from home the noise of vacuum is disturbing. This is quite and is very efficient

Vabroom - Great addition to the home five stars
-Meggie C ✔ Verified Purchase
Great addition to the home! I have all hard wood so it works so well to vacuum up everything from small pieces of food to dust bunnies (though doesn't do too well with very long pieces like strands of garland from Christmas time). My mom also enjoys hers and uses it all the time to spot clean vacuum large debris off the kitchen floor. It has good suction and a convenient size. I also haven't had to charge it often at all (every 6 months or more) and it still works very well.

Better then expected! Great buy! five stars
-Brandi ✔ Verified Purchase
Love it!!! Works better then I expected!!! Charges up quick!

Makes sweeping and cleanup super quick five stars
-Leslie G ✔ Verified Purchase
Wry easy to use. Lasts a long time on a charge! Would definitely recommend this product.

Better than I thought! five stars
-Scott S ✔ Verified Purchase
I'm actually really really surprised about how good this is! I was expecting something, but I really was impressed by it's performance! One of the best purchases!

Best Kickstarter Purchase to Date! five stars
-Kathy ✔ Verified Purchase
Easy to use and unbelievable convenient! Not going to lie, I use it for my cat's litter. She kicks out a lot of litter, and it used to always get everywhere because sweeping it was such a hassle. Now, a few sweeps and a pass with the vacuum, and no more mess!